Lancaster Prefinishing FAQs

Is the quality really better on prefinished materials?

Yes! Applying finishes in a factory environment means you don’t have to worry about things like dust, temperature, or humidity. It also allows for a more even application, better color consistency, and adequate curing time between coats. All of these factors add up to a superior finish in the end.

What makes prefinished materials more durable?

The ability to back-prime (or coat on all sides) prefinished materials means they will be better protected from the elements once installed. The more even application also ensures spots aren’t missed, which could leave them vulnerable to damage in the future.

Do you prefinish nails to match my materials?

No, we send a touch up kit so they can be painted after installation. The touchup kit includes a brush and matching paint.

How will my materials be protected during transport?

We carefully stack your materials using thin layers of foam for protection. Then they’re wrapped in plastic to ensure they are water-tight.

What if my prefinished materials are damaged during installation?

To preserve their superior look, your prefinished materials should be installed with care. We do send a touch up kit (includes brush and matching paint) along with your materials. Should you need more than minor touch ups, you can always reach out to our sister company Prestige Painting.