Lancaster Prefinishing was established in 2019 as a sister company to Prestige Painting. It is family owned and operated with Shawn and Dan Stoltzfus as the principal owners. Located in the heart of Lancaster County, Lancaster Prefinishing is equipped to service both local and out-of-town customers. The company’s purpose is to maximize efficiency by pre-finishing products with top-quality materials.

One of the key components to delivering outstanding service, is hiring a top-quality team. Whether they’re in the office or in our production facility, our team members are the best of the best. Meet our team below!


Shawn Stoltzfus


Shawn Stoltzfus started Lancaster Prefinishing with the goal of providing top of the line service to customers while maintaining efficiency and paying attention to detail. Shawn is the head of business management and runs Lancaster Prefinishing with an unwavering dedication to both his team members and customers.


General Manager

Matt joined the Lancaster Prefinishing team in 2021, taking on the role as General Manager. Matt brings years of experience in team leadership and management ensuring that each project is run with clear communication, efficiency and professionalism. Matt is also head of sales, offering customers quality service from beginning to end of projects.

Angela Stoltzfus

HR/Finance Manager

Angela joined Lancaster Prefinishing’s team in early 2022. She brings a background of customer service and business management. She plays a key role in supporting our team and managing relations between team members and leadership. Angela manages the finances, team member benefits, payroll, and many other daily tasks.

Maddison Reapsome

Account Manager/Estimator

Maddison joined Lancaster Prefinishing’s team in 2022. Maddison brings a diverse background in management and customer relations. She handles the proposals and invoices, aides our salesmen and much more. Her role in Lancaster Prefinishing is key in helping our production run smoothly.

Katina Lantz

Administrative Assistant

Katina joined the Lancaster Prefinishing team in 2023. Her role as admin assistant plays a key part in the day-to-day operations of Lancaster Prefinishing. Her experience in administrative work and customer service allows operations to flow smoothly. She works to support all staff members, ensuring that every project is completed in a timely manner and with professionalism.


Shop Manager

Josiah joined the Lancaster Prefinishing team as Shop Manager in 2021. Josiah brings experience in leading teams towards the mission, vision and values. He provides oversight and leadership to the production team and the production process from scheduling to delivery. His role is key to ensuring our clients get the highest quality products and service.

James Bazin

Production Supervisor

Angel Centeno

Production Supervisor



Blaine Cole


Sadrac Celine

Edwin Cruz

Mike Bazin